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    Im concerned about my weight and body image

    Hi i have just signed up at this moment in time, I am a 29 year old male from Scotland UK and i have been concerned about my weight for many years, but many factors have always made me ignore it and just get on with things, but i have really tried to get to grips with it now as i turn 30 in a few months and i want to bring in a new image to myself and everyone else as i was questioned recently as to whether i have anorexia or not so somthing does not look right and my mum has been asked a few questions. Now as i said i am nearly 30 and i still live with my parents, i weigh around 9 stone and its not as if i don't eat properly i eat 3 meals a day, and do snack in between but nothing appears, its always been like this i have been going to the gym recently and i play football (soccer) once a week. Now i have been looking at friends that i went to school with that i keep in touch with all going on and making progress in their lives, they all have families their own houses and so on, even my youngest brother is moving out shortly and hes 22 what is going on im i stuck in the past and cant move on its all coming down on me, im getting depressed about all this i am single and unemployed, (partly due to my health as i am an epileptic) but all i am on is jobseekers and i am running myself into debt because my pals want me to do things that i cant afford but try to do anyway, i am trying to get back into work but things always fall apart and i feel i am falling apart its stressing and depressing. Could this be a factor that i am thinking about whats all going on around me rather than in me and how do i solve it this is the first time i have spoken to anybody about it i dont know how to speak to my parents and what their thoughts are, but personally i still feel like a child in a mans body at times i have no confidence in myself. i understand i may have came to the wrong place to speak about this i and i am seeing my doctor on tuesday but wanted to have a chat before i seen him. thanks

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    Well I am not a psychologist by any means, but I will try and address the weight issue you are having. I would add three more meals to your daily intake with healthy calorie dense foods such as nuts, whole grain pasta, avocado, whole milk, fruit juices, peanut butter, vegetable oils, raisins, oat meal, whole wheat bread and low fat cheeses. You can also add weight gainer protein shakes when you can fit them in or replace some of the snacks with Meal replacement shakes. I encourage you to maintain an optimistic outlook and focus on the abundance in front of you instead of everyone else. Take it day by day and get better with every opportunity and the path to your future will create itself. I have a few motivational articles I have written, if you message me I'll send you thew info. I hope this helps you.

    Take Care,


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    Im concerned about my weight and body image

    Heres where I am at this stage in my life:

    I tell them, you know, Im really concerned about my health too, which is why Ive made some major changes in my diet and lifestyle. What would really help me out would be a new pair of walking shoes, some activewear in my size, a treadmill and a bicycle rated for my weight, some healthy snacks, and some grocery store gift cards so I can work more organic whole foods into my shopping budget. What email address can I send my Amazon wish list to you at?

    The way I see it, if theyre concerned enough to comment, they ought to be concerned enough to put their money where their mouth is.

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