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    Pampering yourself at home

    I love to pamper myself at home during weekend or after a long tiring day at work. I bought some flavored tea in an organic store near our home and I really love it. Everyone knows that I really love drinking tea every day. I am happy that I got some matcha and chai green tea at relieves my stress. I also love putting a natural facial mask from Essenzza Health every weekend.

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    that's good. love yourself!!!!

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    I set aside 10-20 minutes each day to do hypnotherapy or meditation. Often I focus my sessions on loving myself, gratitude or forgiveness. I also by myself roses every week. There is something about fresh flowers that brightens my week.

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    Having a time for yourself helps you to recharge and face the day with a smile. I also love meditating and reading some inspirational books to relax and increase my knowledge.

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