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    14 Year Old Preferred workout?

    Hello, Im a 14 Year Old Sprinter. Looking for a gym workout i can do twice a week, Im currently 178cm and 56kg. May i please get good ideas of what i could do twice a week as a workout. I eat plenty of food and drink protein shakes after workouts. Im looking to bulk up but stay fit and pretty defined at the same time.

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    do you think u're too young ?

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    you should go to gym and talk to the instructor there. He'll definitely help you recommend you workout according to your physique and age.

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    I'd speak to a trainer as that's going to be the best option for you individually.

    Generally speaking though, you want to work on explosiveness, strength, and core stability, as well as of course drills to improve your actual sprinting. If you were an adult you'd probably be doing more serious gym work, but at your age I'd stick to the basics - Don't try to copy an olympic sprinters program.

    See a trainer though, you do NOT want an injury from a mistake that a trainer could've prevented.

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    Don't worry about going to the gym twice a week.

    You're fourteen.

    What you should be concentrating on is getting into the habit of exercise and living healthy. This is more a daily commitment. So start like that - every day, I want you to do 50 pushups, 50 bodyweight squats and 50 ab crunches. Then just go play ball with your friends, go swimming or other fun stuff.

    When you're 14, if you do basic exercise you're going to grow anyway. Don't worry about hitting the gym hard. Just get yourself into an active lifestyle, and don't get injured. The problem with going to the gym and lifting heavy when you're young is that often you get bad habits and injuries form, and then you're stuck when you're older. don't do this.

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    I think running and yoga is enough for you

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    Your strength training workout should start slowly. Work your way up to the heavy free weights and machines, but start out with just your own bodyweight. Push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups can be quite effective for the upper body. Start out with a set of traditional push-ups, and do 8 to 12 repetitions. You might find sit-ups are too easy to just do 8 to 12 repetitions, so try doing them while holding your legs straight out in front of you, slightly suspended off the floor. Then do 8 to 12 repetitions of the pull-up. Use an overhand grip, and try to keep your legs straight throughout the duration of the exercise. Once you've done that, repeat this circuit for two to three sets. Work out your upper body two to three days a week with days off in between for rest.

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