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    Struggling with.....EVERYTHING!

    Hi all,

    I am Mikey and am a 30 year old male from South Wales in UK. I am desperately in need of help and am reaching out here (sometimes better to do it to people you dont know)

    About this time last year i weighed in at 279lbs. Through a combination of BeachBody Insanity/T25/Max30 and various other methods, as well as eating better i managed to get down to 212lbs. That was a few months ago and since then i have really struggled with just about everything.
    My weight is creeping up, my shape has changed back to its old flabby self (so all the muscle i gained as up and left) and i really cannot stay on top of my nutrition. I get bored of eating the same things but have no idea where to turn when i comes to eating. Plus i dont know how to cook so all meals need to be easy.
    My wife and i had a baby last february and i managed well until recently, but now i feel like i dont get the time or have the energy to do anything. I APPEAR to be suffering symptoms of anxiety/depression (i say APPEAR because my wife thinks i am and wants me to see a doc but i dont think it is necessary), i get headaches regularly and work really gets me down which i think is a combination of work related stress and anxiety around my body image.

    I have tried meditation which worked a little but not that much. I have signed up for a running event which i was really excited about but because i feel zapped recently i have lost enthusiasm.

    Not sure what to do to get back on track, i really cant get my head in the game.

    Anyone been through similar or got any advice at all? How do you get back in the game and stay motivated. The anxiety thing is making me nervous (anxious if you will...) that i may need help but may be in denial!

    Sorry to blast this first post but need help!

    Thanks in advance

    Mikey D

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    Sounds like depression.

    If your wife thinks there's something wrong and you feel not optimal, maybe you could look into therapy?

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    Bro.. this is what councilors are for man

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    7 Acupressure Points to Relieve Anxiety and Stress

    Apply pressure for 1 minute and move to the next point.

    1. Three Mile Point
    2. Great Rushing Point
    3. Grandfather-Grandson Point
    4. Inner Gate Point
    5. Outer Gate Point
    6. Union Valley Point
    7. Central Treasury Point

    Search in Google by the given names to know the location of the points. Try at least three Acupressure points when you feel "STRESS & ANXIETY."

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