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    Smile How to gain weight naturally?

    Hi, I am 25 year old want to know how gain weight

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    Eat healthy lift heavy and have proper rest or sleep .You will definitely see good results soon.

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    Quite simply just eat

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    Plenty of protein in a varied diet should see results fairly soon good luck

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    Hi, bananas shake and add some white oats in it with some chocolate powder. and take it once daily.

    You will the difference.

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    Banana Shake

    Hi, bananas shake and add some white oats in it with some chocolate powder. and take it once daily.

    You will see the difference.

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    Thumbs up Simple Foods for Weight Gain - 5 Best Natural Foods

    Eggs are the best option when you are trying to improve your weight. Egg is a protein rich food with high amount of calories. They contain high amount of minerals and vitamins. Each egg contains around 70 calories and hence, adding eggs to your diet helps you to gain weight by increasing your muscle mass.

    Nuts are the most nutritious and protein rich food. They have lots of calories and help to build your muscle. They are healthy fats, which gives best results when you consume it on a regular basis. Nuts include almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts and pistachios. You can include a limited amount of nuts in your salad or you can have it as a snack.

    Fruits are the best sources of carbohydrates, healthy sugars, vitamins and minerals. Eating good amount of fruits everyday promotes your weight in a healthy way. These foods are rich in fibre and protein. Fruits like apples, bananas, grapes and mangoes can be consumed for gaining weight. Eating fruits with milk will give you best results.

    Dairy Products
    Dairy products like milk, yoghurt and cheese are rich in protein and calcium. They are the best choice for weight gain and are rich in calories. Opt for creamy dairy products, instead of low-fat or skimmed milk.

    Liquid Calorie
    In order to gain weight, you must include liquid foods like fruit juices, milkshakes and smoothies. These liquid foods contain lot of calories, as they have naturally high sugar content and helps to improve your weight.

    These are the basic and simple foods for weight gain. For gaining weight in a healthy manner, consume foods which contains high amount of calories, healthy fats, carbohydrates, sugars and proteins.

    Note: Never skip your meals and make sure you are including all varieties of foods like fruits, vegetables, cereals and foods with high protein in your diet.

    All The Best

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