Hey everyone,

I am rather new to the fitness industry and I would like to hone my coaching skills. The only way to do that requires some guinea pigs :P Hence, I will not charge you anything if you decide to participate.

Some background info about me:
Stats: 174 cm, 77.5 kg, body fat 10%
Training experience: 1.5 years

I've been in the fitness industry for about 1.5 years now, and I started off learning from Lazar Angelov, the most popular guy I found at the time. Things were hard at first, a lot of bad habits to break and good habits to form, low carb dieting sucked, and gym sessions were lengthy, and a lot of time was spent eating it felt like. I was always the last one to leave and one of the first to arrive at the gym.

After several months Lazar informed me I did not need his coaching anymore, that I was able to function independently. That's when I dived into the real world of fitness and was astonished by the large amount of incorrect information, arguments, myths, and misconceptions. Before that I was sheltered by Lazar I had no idea what the industry was like. I had no idea what all that steroid stuff was about.

Since then I've been learning by myself and following/buying books and studying about bodybuilding, like Arnold's encyclopedia of bodybuilding, Frank Zane's books, and following every tip from the popular fitness pros I admired: Lazar Angelov, Tavi Castro, Simeon Panda, Ulisses Jr, Bradley Martyn, Mike o'Hearn, Gerardo Gabriel, and so on...

My coaching experience so far has only been on coaching those who ask me for advice at the gym and close friends. But I would like to expose myself to more different types of clients to learn how to coach them best.

So that's my background info for bodybuilding.
If you decide to participate in my coaching here's what you can expect to receive:
-Program designed for you and for what you wish to accomplish

-Guidance so you know when, how, and WHY to train

-Personalized meal plans and tips based on your lifestyle, food preferences, and goals

-Includes direction on type of exercise, rep ranges, rest times, set number, and amount of resistance

-My goal is to teach you to be independent. So that you'll be able to make your own workout plans, diet plans, supplement list, and avoid being swayed by the community trolls.

I can only take on a few students due to time constraints.

Message me here or email me at kyle.sun@outlook.com

See you soon!

Kyle Sun