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    Clueless and desperate for help!

    Hi everyone

    I'm desperate for any help anyone can give!
    I've lost a lot of weight over my teen years and have always been so body conscious and have spent a long time hating my body. I have spent years dieting and sporadic cardio, but I still hate how my body looks and have never worn a bikini

    I now have 2 months before I go travelling for a year and I'm desperate to become more toned and comfortable with my body before I leave.

    Should I be doing weights or HIIT cardio or both? And how do I figure out macros if I'm trying to lose fat but tone muscles too? I have the Lean in 15 book if that helps? Attachment 6411Name:  image2.jpg
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    Hi Time2Act,

    take a look here:
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    First of all, your attach is not visible, it says "invalid link". Let's come to the point, you have only 2 months of time. I'm not saying it's too short but the truth is, it's not wise to expect too much from this little time.

    And another thing, start loving your body. I'm pretty sure it will love you back

    Hi Time2Act,

    take a look here:
    LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner

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