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    Getting your butt in shape

    I'm new to this forum and I've already posted some questions/comments in other parts of the forum. I'm not really a body builder, but I ventured into this part of the forum because I figured that someone here will be able to give some additional advice. I'm almost 48 and I ran for about 20 years. In spite of that, I have a weird body in that my upper body is really cut (from a lot of swimming that I did in college) but my thighs are not -and you'd think they'd be from all those years of running. Instead, I've battled with fat in my upper thighs and butt. I actually have had some cellulite and my rear end is not "tight". However, in the past 8 months, I've changed my diet and cut out practically all sugar ( I was a sugaraholic for years) and I also started to INCREASE my intake of olive oil and other fats as opposed to having been on a low fat diet for many years, trying to avoid high fat food. I'm focusing on whole milk, eggs, cheeses, and olive oil as the sources of my fat. I continue to eat a lot of carbs and I am not a real big meat eater. I've combined that with some free weight training on my legs - lunges mainly. I also use a machine to do leg curls for the backs of my thighs. I do not use a squat bar because I have issues with my neck and whenever I use it, I get terrible headaches from the weight of the bar resting on my neck. I combine my weight training with the use of a stair stepper for cardio workouts on my legs. So, my current issue is that my butt cheeks are kind of saggy and I'm really having a hard time getting them cut. Are there more free weight exercises that I might be able to do to get my rear end more firm?

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    Squating has made wonders for me..

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