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Thread: Indoor Cycling

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    Indoor Cycling

    I'm considering getting a stationary bike and would like to use some videos to do a "spinning" type workout from my phone. What do I need to be looking for in a bike? Is a computer a requirement? Can anyone recommend a good bike that won't break the bank?

    Hi Girevik,

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    I use studio sweat on demand it works very good great instructors and you can spin on your time.

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    Ready to give indoor cycling a spin? Prepare to drip with sweat, get your blood pumping, and want to come back for more.
    Indoor cycling classes help you shed fat, improve your heart health, and boost your muscle endurance. Your legs will get a serious workout. By the end of class, you’ll have a steady stream of feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins.

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    I used Schwinn AD6, this exercise bike for full body workout.

    Hi Girevik,

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