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Hey guys,

I just published this article about shoulder stretches you can do anytime (very work-friendly!) but I wanted to share a short-and-sweet version here for you.

You must be either a young kid or a truly healthy person to have never gotten stiff shoulders in your entire life.

Unfortunately for most of us, we don?t fit the above bill.

That includes me, and probably you too.

Maybe right now your shoulders are stiff.



Rounded and hunched even.

Or maybe yours are like mine, creaking and clicking every morning. Just like rusted joints that haven?t been greased in a while.

And if you didn?t get those stiff and sore shoulders from injuries or working out? You probably have been hunching horribly while working overtime for 2 weeks straight.

Meanwhile, lazy cats like me get them from lying on the bed sideways, binge watching The Walking Dead on a laptop.

What happens here is that we adopt awkward (sitting) postures? Developing unnatural tension in the upper back.

What truly matters here is getting rid of those aches and pains.

There?s a gajillion moments where you don?t really have a convenient solution.

You know, when your partner isn?t around to rub your shoulders. When you?ve hit the weights 3 days ago but the ache still lingers. Especially when you just need that dull, jaw-clenching sensation gone? Before your irritability hits the roof and you murder 7 soon-to-be ex-coworkers.

Let?s work on getting rid of the stiffness and aches in the shoulders.

1. Back Scratcher |

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Raise one arm above you, placing the hand behind your neck area.
Use your other arm to grab your elbow, and gently pull it inward for 15 seconds.
Repeat for other arm.

2. Reverse Prayer Pose |

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Try to bring your hands behind your middle back.
Slowly clasp your palms together, bringing in from your last finger to your thumbs.
As your palms come together, push your chest out a little and squeeze your shoulder blades.

3. Standing Wall Stretch |

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Find a wall and stand at an arm?s length away from it
Press your palms against the wall at shoulder height
Without moving your palms, lean your upper body forward as if you were making it parallel to the ground

4. Corridor Stretch |

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Find a wall, corridor, or pole and be at one arm?s length away.
If none are available, proceed to find another person for support (don?t forget to seek permission first).
Grip one arm on the surface
Turn away from the surface and hold the position

5. Cow Face Pose |

Step-by-Step Instructions:
If you aren?t flexible enough to reach for your hand, grab something elongated (e.g. ruler, towel, stick)
Place both arms behind your back ? one from below and one from above shoulder level
As far as you can, reach for both hands to touch each other
If you?re using a stick, use your free arm to grab the other end of the stick
Repeat for the other side by switching your arms

6. Sitting Cat and Cow |

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Adopt a upright sitting position
Curve your back inwards as far as possible, with your head looking towards your belly button
Your shoulders will be pulled forward at this position
Arch your back outwards, with your head looking skyward or even behind
Your shoulders will be pulled backward at this position

7. Dipping Stretch |

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Grab the back of your chair support (or the edge of the arm support as seen in the gif)
Bring you butt to the edge of the seat, or as far from the back as possible

Let me know if this is useful to you guys! Would love to hear whether it helped you

If you want more stretches, you can see them in my blog post here: