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    Diet advice for a fighter

    Hello everyone!
    I'm posting here to see if someone can help me improve my diet routine, to help me understand how can I feed my self at best in a long time program.i'm been privately studing on web about nutrition values ,biological rhytmes, eating time,absolutely super interesting stuff,but i really think i may need some good help above all for starting it in a good way and don't build bad habits,or follow false myths that an outsider as me can not see wrong.

    What i need is to understand how much,how many time at days, what, and how should I eat, training days(5/7) and resting days.(2/7)
    I've no food allergy and my diet is based on:

    Wholegrain breads,
    tuna/anchovies.. ocean fish
    all the fruits and vegs
    Few ligth cheese (mozzarella;granapadano)
    turkey,chicken,horse meat(no pork rarely beef)
    Sweet just in the morning

    I'm 27 years old guy, 1.81 m, 72 kg.(taking weigth)

    I hope someone of you will find this post interesting to answer to!=)

    Thanks anyway for any help and advice!


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    If you can stomach it try some Eucalyptus.


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