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    Decreasing meat intake to help with high iron - muscles more sore now post workout


    I have a general question for everyone.
    Recently I was told I had high iron levels and was told to cut down on red meat and all meats in general.
    I have done so, and (it may be co-incidence) but I seem to suffer now post workout (DOMS are worse) since I have cut down.
    I understand I am probably getting less protein in my system.

    Question is does this sound like a valid reason ?
    Secondly is there anything I can eat that will help with bringing in more protein (without the extra iron). ?
    I am taking some protein powder in a smoothie post workout.

    Thanks in advance


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    first of all you should understand that excess of evrything is bad. eat evrything but according to diet plan and you will get result surely.

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