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    14 m looking to lose weight

    I'm 14 years old and I really want to lose weight in my thighs and stomach. I'm not really looking for muscle, I just want to lose weight.

    Hi nathancoop25,

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    Just some regular workout plan can help you to lose weights. Since you are young, I hope it wouldn't be difficult for you to follow. Just remember one thing, "Regularity" is your friend. If you can maintain regularity you would see the progress you make in months. Let this Free Fitness App help you. You can generate personalized workouts built using a machine learning algorithm for your specific goal. Also you will get advance training through 3D imaging. It will be your personal workout tracker. Don't forget to share your height and weight with us.

    Hi nathancoop25,

    take a look here:
    Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder

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