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    Recommendations for a wrist Heart Rate Monitor with heart rate always on display

    Hello folks,
    I bike and run, and I recently bought a Fitbit Charge 2 to monitor my heart rate while exercising. However, there is no way with this device to have the heart rate continuously on display. When cycling I have to rotate my wrist or tap the screen to see the heart rate and that means taking my hand off the handlebars, which isn't always safe. Can anyone recommend a different heart rate watch that will have a continuous on screen that I can set the heart rate to be on permanent display? I just want to have to glance at the screen and see my heart rate while biking without moving my wrist or tapping screen. Also, the screen needs to be bright enough to see during daylight with sunglasses on.

    Hi Nolan81,

    take a look here:
    polar vs garmin heart rate monitor

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