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    Skinny 14-Year Old Looking for Guidance on Gaining Muscle

    Hello, I am a 14-year old male, and I am in the process of puberty. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall but only 95 pounds. Obviously, I am very skinny and I am often made fun of for it. I would like some guidance on how to gain muscle. I have tried working out before, but I realize the mistake I made was that I did not have a plan in mind and I did not eat the right foods, meaning that the workouts had no effect.

    I obviously need to gain weight, and I would like that weight to be mostly muscle mass. I have access to a gym and my only dietary restriction is that I cannot eat beef. I want to build muscle mostly in the forearms, biceps, and abdominals.

    What exercises should I be doing, how many reps of each exercise, should I be doing free weight exercises, and in which order and which days should I do each exercise? Additionally, how can I eat a better diet to help my muscles grow? Thank you so much!

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    Hello SkinnyDude, (remember, I'm not making fun of you. I'm just calling you by your username) you said you are 5 feet 5. With that height, 95 pound is nothing, nothing at all. You need to get weight, not just for getting into shape but for your own good. It's time for you to eat, eat everything. I know a lots of person would disagree with me but you need to eat everything, anything. I take it that you don't like to eat. You need to make it as your habit. If you don't have pounds on your body, you can't get a good shape. There's no muscle to build. So dude, start eating. And let us know you can't eat meet. Meet is pretty necessary for you.

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