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    Best workout program app for traveling professional

    Hi there,
    I travel a lot for work (out of town 2-4 nights per week) and therefore spend a lot of time trying to squeeze in a workout at a hotel gym. Since the hotel gyms vary in what equipment they offer, I often find myself not being able to to do some of the exercises outlined in whatever pre-planned workout program I'm doing (usually on an APP). I'm not experienced enough to know which exercises I should do to replace the ones I can't do (the ones for which the equipment isn't there).

    Does anyone have any recommendation re: which workout APP might offer the most flexibility re: selecting which machines/equipment can be included in the workout program?

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    Well there are lot of websites and apps available online where you can train yourself but they are charging a lot. i have my own experience but the best you can do is hire a trainer. One website where you can find trainers is Ontrain wher you can connect with the trainer of your choice from anywhere in the world. you can enjoy training at your home and also anywhere in the world.

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