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    Am I following the right meal plan to lose belly fat and gain muscle?

    So, as I said in the title I'm looking to get that summer body right, my biggest dream is to have a killer abs but without cutting my good looking pecs and arms .

    185cm height
    69kg weight

    meal1: 1 black bread spread with peanut butter, 1 cup of berries, 2 white eggs, 1 slice of sheep cheese, 1 tomato, 1 cup of green tea, supplements: 1 pill of CLA (optimum nutrition) plus one pill of carnitine (bns)
    snack: 1 banana
    meal2: 200g of chicken breast, 2 fried eggs, 1 plate of cabbage salad; supplements: 1 pill of CLA and 1 pill of carnitine BNS
    pre-workout: 1 cup of gold whey protein (optimum nutrition) and 1 cup of pre-workout (optimum nutrition)
    during workout: 2 cups of bcaa (optimum nutrition)
    meal3: 1 cup of whey protein gold (optimum nutrition), 200g of chicken brest or instead of that, sometimes, omlette of 4 eggs
    supplements: 1 pill of CLA
    before bed: 1 cup of CASEIN protein (optimum nutrition)

    I used clippers to measure my belly fat, I still got 10mm of belly fat, I have to lower that to make it visible, I train 6 times a week, the abs once every two days.

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    I'm sorry, I can't manage to edit the post, I wanted to say that sometimes I would add a ZERO BAR from biotech after meal1 or meal3

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