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    working out at times of stress

    Hi all

    Just wanted to see what your thoughts are on overworking the central nervous system.

    At times of stress such as work or home life stress, should you work out more or less ? and is there a type of exercise (cardio/weights etc) that is better when you feel overwhelmed in life.

    Obviously exercise is a great stress reliever, but i am sure it can go the other way and i hear that if your body is already under stress you should avoid burdening the nervous system more.

    Thanks in advance


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    As you write, in busy times training might either act as stress reducer or as a stress enhacer. To me, it seems that there is no strict rule, wheather you should or should not train when you are under stress. Ask yourself, how do you feel. If you feel exhausted, then training is maybe no good idea. If you feel "under tension" and somewhat nervous, a workout can help you. This is just my personal experience. Experts coin it like that: Working out in busy times leaves your body with an overdose of cortisol, which impedes physical developement. I.e. your workout will have a much lower impact on your muscles than a training under work-life-balance conditions.

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