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    I am curious whether or not coffee is playing a positive or negative role in my life with health and fitness. I've been drinking one cup of black coffee every day for years. I've heard the positive argument for coffee such as the antioxidants and possibly helping against disease. I also have heard the negative arguments about its affects on your so called Adrenal Health and Circadian Rhythms, although I work shift work (constantly switching from nights to days and weekends to weekdays) so I am not sure if coffee can be a negative impact on those parts of my health? I appreciate any good feedback?

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    I think there are definitely better/healthier options out there than coffee. I prefer drinking matcha tea or adding the powder to smoothies. It's extremely high in antioxidants (higher than coffee) along with a number of other health benefits, and I like the energy boost that it gives me more than coffee's. Matcha has a prolonged energy boost that lasts a lot longer than coffee's for me and it doesn't make me jittery like coffee can. Matcha contains caffeine also but I've read it is a different form of caffeine which is why it gives a different feeling compared to coffee. For your night shifts though you might need the bigger jolt of energy that coffee gives you compared to matcha's more subtle boost. Coffee is definitely better for you than energy drinks but if you're looking for a healthier alternative I'd try out matcha

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