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    Question is it ok to have honey in my breakfast before a workout?

    i followed a recipe online for pre-workout flapjack energy bars.

    they consisted of
    - Sunflower oil
    - honey
    - oats
    - chocolate powder

    i am just wondering if it is ok to have honey before a workout.. i usually wait an hour before i exercise. i am worried it will prevent my body using stored fat as energy.

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    I usually eat raw white oats before workout to prevent muscle loss because I train at high intensity, eating honey is probably ok but if you are planning to lose some weight then not a good option in my opinion

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    Totally fine! There's no problem with that and also in my personal opinion I think it's important to follow a balanced diet and not completely erase certain foods from it! Moderation is the key!

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    Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners on Earth. Which consists of nearly 600 compounds. It helps boost metabolism to help burn fat fast, help lower blood pressure, consists of probiotic bacteria etc...It has a plethora of health benefits....We need honey..We need our bees

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