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    How do you spend your weekends

    Hi there

    I'm curious to know how you spend you weekends especially if you work Mon to Fri.
    I just get bored if I'm not going away anywhere and then just eat loads because I'm bored, I do exercise every weekend but I can't realistically spend any more than a couple of hours at the weekend exercising.

    I go for dinner with 2 friends most Sunday nights but doing anything interesting involves spending money.

    Anyway, I would love to know how you spend your weekends?


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    I always go out in the evening and return back late at the saturday night after spending time in Pubs. Afterward, next day, just relax and stay at home whole day watching movie, dramas, playing PS4.

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    I like staying at home with my family. We can plan to have small parties for everyone. They will relax after a hard week working.

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    Just simply watching TV) Haha I am lazy!

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