I need some advice. I know enough about nutrition and exercise that you can't expect to realistically lose 20 pounds in one month. I do not have expectations like that.
However, I have been working out a minimum of three days a week combining running for 30-40 min and an 60 min weight traning for the last month. I've averaged 1600 calories a day for the last month. I still eat junk food but in extreme moderation.
Example.. Mcdonald's: just a kids hamburger no fries along w/ a diet coke.. stuff like that.
But I have not deprived myself from any "bad" food. It's all in moderation.

So I get on the scale this morning exactly one month and 5 days after I started my regiman ( spelling?)

Not one pound of weight loss, agian I don't expect 10-15lbs.. but not even a pound?!
what am I doing wrong?
could someone please help me on this one. I'm also thiking about going to see a nutritionist as well.