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    Wrestling and Dip

    I did wrestling last year, couldnt do it this year cuz of parents/schoolwork ****. Anyways, i noticed that lots of varsity kids would dip in school b4 matches and that none of them seemed to get any bad effects from it. My coach goes thru a tin a day, its crazy how much he dips, and hes 40 somethin and perfectly healthy. I'm considering tryin out for varsity next year, but after learnin about dat, i'm startin to have second thoughts about it. any suggestions/ thoughts?

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    dip-retarded, waste of time/money

    2nd thoughts abouut wat? if theyre doing dip and your not, then you have an edge over wrestling

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    dip is gay, and if you swallow the juice, your gonna be pukein for at least 1hr.
    I dont want to sound like a square here but isnt it illegal for coachs/teachers to have any tobacco products on school grounds?(unless your in a private school).

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    Wrestling and Dip? I had a gay image about that when I read the thread. I thought the Dip meant something else, but now I know it's that kind of Dip you are talking about.

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    Dip is big in wrestling. Mainly because if you are spitting all day, guys think they will more easily make weight.

    Not really the case though.

    Do wrestling. It is a great sport.

    Keep the two topics separate.

    Wrestling = yes
    Dip = no

    And you will be just fine.

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