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Thread: Cardispan

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    Monterrey, MX


    Since I live in Mexico I'm gonna start injecting myself with Cardispan

    Its a localized fat burner that supposedly burns all of the fat from problem areas. Its a high dose of L-carnitine, its not harmful at all

    4 injections a day


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    I'm begging you to consider proper nutrition and exercise.

    Injecting yourself with garbage has profound effects. Maybe not now, maybe not 5 years from now, but someday, it's going to catch up to you. And when it does, you will remember this day when you were healthy and had the entire world in your hands - you can do anything and everything - don't throw it away.

    Practicing nutrition and exercise will have life long effects with a lot of benefits and very minimal, if any, injury (minus a few from hard use of various body parts).

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    You are an idiot.

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    Lillian Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor M. View Post
    You are an idiot.
    I just want you to know how hard you just made me laugh by this post!

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    What a douchebag.

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    The problem is that this guy is actually serious, if that post was directed to the TC. Or at me, I don't know.

    I mean it goes to show how much people want to lose weight but don't understand exactly what weight means. Your weight is just a number until you decide that it means something about your health. Granted, being in the 250+ category should raise some concerns, but overall, weight really means nothing. It doesn't explain how your body is made up. It could be all fat, all muscles, or whatever. Shaq weighs in somewhere around 400 pounds. Arnold weighs in somewhere around 300+ pounds. An average SEAL weighs in at 175 pounds. A average Marine weighs in around 180+ pounds. Anna Nicole was considered a "heavy" set model at her prime (before the show) and she only weigh in around 130 pounds (if I remember correctly) which was the "ideal" weight of her height.

    Overall, weight means nothing. I cannot believe how much crap the media puts onto the public. Weight really means nothing. Every magazine you see on the news stand talks about "weight" and how some famous celebrity "lost it." Last night at the supermarket I saw a magazine on the counter with headlines, "Spears lost 20 pounds and keep losing!! Diet inside and exercises." Curious, I picked it up and some "phd" said to eat low carbs, high protein and do these exercises and you'll "lose 25 pounds in three weeks!!!"

    I blame weight for obesity in America and elsewhere. Places where no one really gives a crap about weight is where healthy people are at. I have never seen a healthy person weigh himself/herself and I always, I mean always, see the most obese person weighing himself/herself and planning the "next diet."

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    Ahh Mexico...where there is no FDA to regulate anything, and its common for 'steroids' to be nothing but saline.

    Good luck chief. Let me know what hospital to send flowers to. I've contacted the Darwin Award Committee as well...they are on standby with your certificate.


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