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    Energy Drink Before Workout?

    im thinking of drinking an energy drink like Rockstar or something along those lines prior to my work outs.. is this a good idea and if do which is best to drink?

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    No, Research shows very large negative impacts on performance likely due to rebound hypoglycemia along with other problems. Never supplement with a high GI carb peceeding(60 or less) a workout.

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    My own research has shown that energy drinks, are made of fail.

    I considered many top energy drinks in US, UK and Australia.

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    ok..... so what iv heard is when you drink a energy drink it gets your heart pumping.. ALOT and when you run and workout it gets it pumping more... which could lead to a heart attack or somethin like that... but thats what i heard drink something like sqwincher. it it is an electrolyte replacement drink

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    personally i do not lik the foam caused. On a low energy day I like a cool shot of expresso. it's one swallow and it gets me thru to where the endorphins take over.

    energy drinks make me foam up, and pills make me feel like a phoney doper of an athlete. so offense to the pill poppers- it's just my opinion- but i'm right.hahahaahaha

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    Surgarfree redbull For The Win!

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    I wouldn't suggest an energy drink before a workout for reasons mentioned above, however, you might want to try a cup or two of coffee before a workout.
    Research on whether or not we should drink coffee before a workout is mixed but tends to lean in favor of having 1-2 cups as opposed to not.
    Personally I find I am more focused and less fatigued when I've had coffee before a workout compared to when I have not.

    I think it's definitely something people should try and see if it works for them.

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    Caffeine before a workout is what I use if I'm feeling sluggish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mreik View Post
    Caffeine before a workout is what I use if I'm feeling sluggish.
    Word...2 cups of coffee is awesome before training.

    Hi jay99,

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