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    Quote Originally Posted by chloemarsh15
    you dont need to less wight by of the sound of you, you sound fit
    what r u saying?

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    Ontario, Canada
    I dropped 50 lbs in about 6 months when I was 17, so yes it can be done.

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    heard very good things about LA Fat Stripper

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    thermobol ive heard good things about friends shifted half a stone in 5 days which is pretty darn good. just ordered some from the maximuscle site for 34.99 ill update u guys soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by XTTX View Post
    Would you suggest a 14 year old using weight loss pills? I'm attempting to get from 200 to 160 by next year, this is along with exercise and an attempt to adjust diet.

    If you are 6', you shouldn't even be THINKING about trying to be 160. What you should be thinking about is getting help for anorexia.

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