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Thread: Pre-Workout Mix

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    Pre-Workout Mix

    So for my pre workout drink I have been taking Super Pump Max. I have been hitting the weights hard for about a month and a half without pre work out or whey just going at it.

    Since I started the Super Pump Max about a week and a half ago I have seen a significant increase in my daily performance. I am doing heavy weights (not alot more, 10-15lbs) during sets and am able to put them up just as much as before. I can also squeeze the last few out pretty good without blowing out to early.

    I follow the directions, 1 scoop for the first 1-3 work outs so you get use to it, iunno if you really need to. Then I am doing 1 1/2 scoops now before. About 45-50 mins before. It shows 30 mins but I don't feel it that quick. I am not jittery or anything after I take it. Just feel good and keep going.

    Consistently doing 4 sets, before I would burn out maybe on 2nd or 3rd set and was rare I hit 4. I push to max every time on everything.

    So I can say this helped me. If you try it let me know if it helped or not.

    Hi phillya85,

    take a look here:
    Mens Health Ultimte Dumbbell Guide

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