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    Supplements for a Active 40 year old

    First post. Read through the supplements FAQ's. Didnt seem to answer my question.

    40 year old male. Ran 2200 miles last year. I also do elliptical, biking & lift (arms & chest) 3 times a week.

    Supplements taken daily - multivitamin & fish oil.

    Problem: It really feels like my body is sore, stiff. Alot of muscle aches. Minimal joint issues, mostly just stiffness in the muscles. Was suffering from cramping, but backed down from 70 mile running weeks to 40, and that has helped the cramping. I walk around like an old man, (atleast until I warm up) or someone who just got in a car wreck.

    Any ideas on what supplements that I could be taking to help me? I'm also wondering about HGH, can you get something to add HGH to the body, or promote the creation of natural HGH which seems to slow as men age?

    Hi naphtali,

    take a look here:
    do not use for weight reduction

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