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    Working out without supplements

    Hey guys,

    I know a lot of people take whey protein or some form of protein after they workout to help replenish their body. Sometimes I will do that but most of the time, i end up either not drinking anything and having just a glass of skim milk. Also when I make a shake, i usually end up using only 1 scope instead of the 2 that is normally recommended.

    My question is, should I go with the 2 scopes? does your body really need two scopes of protein power? Ive heard that some people end up taking too much protein which is wasteful and ends up just being calories that is processed by your body. My goals are to get leaner while making my muscles more defined so my focus isnt necessarily packing on muscle. However, i still like to lift weights 1-2 times a week just to keep up, and I end up doing swimming/running on the other days.

    Also, based on a normal diet say a salad, turkey/ham sandwich, and cold cereal, some other vegetables and meats like chicken or beef for both lunch and dinner, will your body ever "run out" of protein to devote to building muscle? after all, taking protein is so that your body doesnt run out right?
    If not, how little protein is too little such that your body would have to resort to eating up muscle for protein?


    Hi TarHeelBred,

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    can you take creatine with other supplements

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    Well your goal is somewhat flawed. You need EXTRA calories to build significant muscle mass. You need a calorie shortage to burn fat effectively.

    That said, you do NOT need any supplements. Supplements 'supplement your diet'...if your diet already has enough protein, vitamins, etc...there's no good reason to supplement.

    Many of us just find it convenient to get some of that protein, with very little fat or cholesterol, from a protein powder.

    Whether you need 1 scoop, 2 scoops, or 4 scoops...depends on your current goals, your body, weight, age, and macro intakes that are specific to your needs.

    For the record, the oak himself Arnold Schwarzeneggar used to down a quart of milk for his post workout meal.

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    i dont believe in many supplements, but when i switched to Whey and quick carbs after my workouts, i definitely improved. I think it is a great whey to get extra protein on your diet.

    Hi TarHeelBred,

    take a look here:
    can you take creatine with other supplements

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