hey guys so i took xpand extreme pump yesterday it is a nitric oxide reactor. i have been taking it for 1 day now and ive been taking half the reccomended dose, so around 10g. well i was talking to my buddy and he said that it suppose to increase blood flow and that i would be working out with a boner and he told me good luck (he doesnt use protein powder or any supplements). well after awhile a working out at the gym i decided to check and i really think it did the opposite. my balls were really tight into my body, they have never been like that before, and my penis was honestly way smaller than usual, it was strange. im gonna talk to a doctor later, i tried googling it but everyone says it would help with blood flow and make it look bigger not smaller. so if anyone has experienced similar problems or know what im talking about can please help me, im only taking it for 6days, so 5 now not including yesterday, i had two broken arms so ive been using it to build me a base strength and its working so far and would really like to use it for the next 5 but dont want too if its gonna cause me harm like that. also i forgot to mention i couldnt even get a boner after i worked out it was weeird, but i think ive just been overthinking and its all in my head cause i keep worrying.