Do I look fit "enough"?


This photo was taken today, well after dinnertime so I have a little extra in mah belly ;) But you get the idea. So, since I have no one that I can show myself to in real life, could you guys please give me your honest opinion on my abs and overall impression? I am not going for perfection, I just want to look fit and strong.

Thank you! PS. Be honest, I can take a punch or 10, so good or bad- let me hear it, ok? treningsforum1.jpg
Depends what you want to look like. Fitness is very varied. Fatima Whitbread was incredibly fit with a physique that would make most men feel inadequate. There is a major trend to try going for a 6 pack which on women is usually accompanied by a lack of curves which can still look fit.
Sorry for the vague and likely silly answer but it is hard to say unless we know what your aim is. I have admired the fitness of women from marathon runners to power lifters, they have looked fit because they are. Not all have the classical 8 feminine curves but they all looked fit.
You are in almost in shape but little bit fat that is looking on your stomach so keep in touch of exorcise for sometime because after that you will become Miss perfect.
God bless You Dear;