Fish Oil and Multivitamins - Something I've personally researched!


I've been lifting for several years, and been taking fish oil and multivitamins daily. But I started to think to myself "Is it worth it?" "Is there a better brand?"

Yes, there is!

Fish Oil
During my research I found something interesting:

You may be familar with Costco and their Kirkland brand of fish oil – 400 caps 1000mg $15. Sounds like an amazing deal right? Wrong. Kirkland boasts 1000MG on their bottle, but when examined fully each cap an unknown amount of EPA/DHA. How do they get away with it? Simply by adding this into their nutrition facts – (EPA/DHA and other Omega 3) 300MG *. There is simply no way of knowing how much EPA/DHA is in each cap because it contains an “unknown amount” of “other omega 3. This just shows how shady almost all supplement companies are.


This is big, there are so many multi vitamins and not all of them are created equally. A lot of them use vitamin "alternatives" and don't have what you actually need! I swear by this, I actually noticed a difference when taking the #2 best multi vitamin. You can see it here:

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Fish Oil and Multivitamins Something Ive personally researched

Other great benefit from taking fish oil. The list keeps on getting bigger. Fish oil should be at the top of everyones list.


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There is no particular time for taking fish oil, however taking fish oil capsules with food may also help reduce any stomach upset you might feel from taking the supplement.
One of the major drawbacks of taking both a fish oil supplement and a multivitamin is the risk of vitamin toxicity or overdose. Fish oil supplements naturally contain relatively high levels of both vitamins A and D, and taking a multivitamin in addition to the oil further boosts your consumption of these vitamins. Without proper supervision by a doctor to determine an appropriate dose, you run the risk of accidentally overdosing on vitamins A and D, which can have negative health effects.