I must be doing something wrong...

I need some advice. I know enough about nutrition and exercise that you can't expect to realistically lose 20 pounds in one month. I do not have expectations like that.
However, I have been working out a minimum of three days a week combining running for 30-40 min and an 60 min weight traning for the last month. I've averaged 1600 calories a day for the last month. I still eat junk food but in extreme moderation.
Example.. Mcdonald's: just a kids hamburger no fries along w/ a diet coke.. stuff like that.
But I have not deprived myself from any "bad" food. It's all in moderation.

So I get on the scale this morning exactly one month and 5 days after I started my regiman ( spelling?)

Not one pound of weight loss, agian I don't expect 10-15lbs.. but not even a pound?!
what am I doing wrong?
could someone please help me on this one. I'm also thiking about going to see a nutritionist as well.
oatmeal in the morning

grapes or yogurt for snack

weight watchers microwave meals for lunch
OR a salad w/ low carb dressing and a pbj sandwhich on whole wheat bread

some more fruit for an after noon snack

fish and veggies
chicken and veggies for dinner

85% of the time i eat like this
the days where i'm being lazy i got and get some fast food
but like i said i order a happy meal in stead of a regular meal
or some times i go to the chinese buffet. Everything I eat I make sure to count the calories. I don't go over 1600 calories, if I do I work out longer. Some days I only eat 1300 calories. Even if I eat junk I make sure to stay within my calorie limits. I'm very confused as to why I have not lost anything!..
leena, my opinion is that your calories are too low which is why your body isnt burning many calories. its trying to hold on to what its got.

each meal should have a source of protein in it. how would you feel about eating more?

and also, what about considering HIIT to shake things up?
Did I mention I was 5 3 and weigh 165? I was thinking 1600 was good enough. I don't mind eating more but how much more?
and what is HIIT?



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I totally feel what your going through that's why I joined this forum...the HIIT or sprinting is I believe going to be the only way...I've come to realize. We have similar excersice patterns and I'm only maintaining my weight...and I'm very active, therefore it needs a kickstart I started the Sprinting this morning and despite the fact that I'll do the cross trainer for 45-60 minutes at the gym. The sprinting was boosting my cardio to an extreme and getting my heart rate up I only had time for 20 minutes but I was read faced and sweating like crazy afterwards... I believe its the only way until I can run 5km on a regular basis...and then the pounds should start melting off hopefully....don't give up just rev it up a little... :)


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I try to watch what I eat...I tend to eat more protein but do not cut out carbs all the time...but I don't eat bread and I avoid sweats mostly...if it's going to be carbs it's going to be good carbs...fruits and veggies, however on the weekends I like a couple of beers...but I drink tea and water throughout the week. My downfall is probably the "not sweating it out" enough and smaller meals. I tend to have my breakfast...healthy egg whites etc...and a large salad with maybe chicken and a smaller dinner...with a few nuts inbetween...you should probably have more smaller meals throughout the day...I tend to make my lunch my dinner...;) go into the running section or fat loss, there is info. on HIIT...High Intensity Interval Training...


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another thing...those day's your feeling lazy and you want fast food...trust me I hate cooking...go to a chinese food restaurant or get some chicken from a Indian restaurant and just get an order of chicken /mix veggies or beef etc...usually you'll have two three meals in one...dont' get any of the other stuff...fried etc...even a fast food restaurant has salads so have that but use your own dressing because alot of the dressings are high in fat...:)
I do need to cut out "white" carbs. See what I do is eat what ever but just stick to my calories of 1600 or so. Thanks for all the information you've been really helpfull. If you think of anything that might be usefull or what not I would love to hear about it.
Anytime!! cut out the white carbs...once you get things together as far and what's right to eat you won't want the other stuff...there's nothing wrong with having a slice of pizza but I know if I have a slice of pizza odds are I'm not stopping at one so on a rare occassion sure have one! If you eat junk food like chips maybe have a few in your hand and put them away or don't have them at all...I would have them in the house but my sons a chip junkie...I like Ryvita crackers but I might only have maybe two at a sitting so that means two a day...with a little bit of peanut butter on it...that I may have for breakfast with a bit of egg whites OR oatmeal...Ryvita crackers are Rye...they're good they taste like toast. Look for them in your cracker section they were recommended by a nutritionist a coworker went to.
leena, Shar gave you some good advice. 1300 calories a day, thats too low.

try not to go lower than 1600 like you said. give it a couple more weeks. i hope you begin to see results.

but if you dont. keep what i said in mind. :)


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caloric intake vs caloric expenditure aside, weight training = increase in muscle mass, thereby rendering a scale USELESS....the scale will not tell you anything about your body composition. If you have lost fat and gained muscle, it is very likely that your scale weight has not changed a bit, however, your body composition has. Period.
I agree with Mogwai. Take circumference measurements of your waist/arms/chest/thighs. Also, take a picture of yourself or simply look in the mirror for the results, and not the scale.
thank you. But could i still be doing something wrong if I don't see anything visually that has changed and that my clothes still feel the same? To me it would seem that after a month and a half eating 1600 calories a day and working out three to four times a week I would see something. Not expecting drastic changes, but something. Little frustrated over here eh? :eek:)
Well besides looking in the mirror, how do you feel on your runs? Are you running farther? Are your weights increasing?

And most importantly, do you record your workouts?