Im a pro dancer in training in need of some advice


I am currently full time training from 8.30am all day through to 5.40pm. I eat a normal diet of pasta sarnies etc, nothing crazy or junk like.
Im also a sucker for sit up and if i say so myself i have solid abs BUT not matter how much excercise i do or work on my abs, my lower stomach still sticks out soo much and makes me look a bigger girl or that i dont watch my health but i do, and i watch it looks! Because of t career choice i have to have my body out a lot, my big thighs or bum doesnt bother me, its always my lower stomach, just below my belly button.
Is there something i could work on, eat leas or more of or change my diet to? I find this hard to think of what i could do with my diet because i have to eat plenty to keep my energy levels up to keep dancing the whole day.
Anyway advise would be brilliant, thank you!
You are female and as such the body will want to protect your reproductive areas, just below this fat layer, which is what your body is putting in place.
If your dance involves lifts and groundwork this area will often be weight bearing too, so the body will be wise to protect it.
You may be able to diet this away, but in fairness I would advise against it. There is nothing wrong with having a layer of fat in that area and you would likely damage your health and potentially other training while trying to lose it.
As a dancer your body is exposed, dance tights hide nothing as I know well, and none of us are totally perfect. Unfortunately when training that hard for something sometimes acceptance is the only answer.

I started weight training with aesthetics at the forefront of my mind then went totally functional after a few years. I looked prettier back then, but could lift less, and was far less capable at the same weight. Part of the change was a thickening around the middle, still mostly muscle, but meant losing some of the V shape I had trained so hard for, trade off was heavier squat and deadlift.
Basically you have a choice to make, do you care more about how well you dance, or how the little part of your torso looks in tights. Personally there would be no contest, and if all anyone watching me dance noticed was a small area of excess fat, I would wonder about them.