Nautilus Olympic Bench

Nautilus Olympic Bench THIS **** OWNS

Costco is having a sale on January 9-16 on this bench...I tried looking the model up online, but I couldn't find it. It's probably a Costco-only deal. Oh man, this thing is sweet. The weights and bar is all olympic, along with the bench, which is fully adjustable. The only thing the bench lacks is a good decline angle. 180-90 degrees makes this a fully functional bench. But the design is what makes this bench stand out. The rack is adjustable, so you can have the spotters move from place to place. However, you can take these spotters off, place them on the reverse side of the towers, and do squats!

An EZ-Curl bar is included. There are also leg extension and preacher curl attachments, but those are for newbs.

The weights that come with it are:
2- 5 lb plates
4- 10 lb plates
2- 25 lb plates
2- 45 lb plates

Since this weight set is olympic, you can go around snatching Ivanko and Lalane plates wherever to use them as well.

When the time comes for this sexy thing to be on sale, it might be showcased on At this point in time, it is not.

With the sale, the total comes to about $400. VERY nice, and much superior to the Bowflex, which I promptly returned.

On a side not, Costco has the best return policy of all time. Their sale policy is second to none, either. I bought this bench about one and a half weeks before it went on sale. When it does go on sale, however, I can go back to Costco and redeem my coupons for the sale price.

Defo check this baby out if you're looking for good quality home equipment.
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