painfull leggs after run

i started joggin to the gym and back,first day i started joggin stupid me never warmed up b4 hand,now yesterday my top half of legs were killing now my bottom leg muscle are killin me and walkin like john wayne today,whats best to recover them quickly or how long till they recoverd
Stretches when warmed up. The ideal time is just after you have trained to avoid some of the aching.
Warm up stretches should be short 5 seconds each at most, I can't remember when I last did these regularly, which is bad.
Cool down stretches need to be relaxed and longer 30 seconds or more each. These make such a massive difference. I do these almost 100% of the time and when I miss them I get a reminder why.
2 things that I strongly recommend !!

I would invest in a foam roller. This will help you to reduce soreness (though this does hurt like heck) but will help relax your sore muscles. Its like getting a deep tissue massage.

The second thing, sit in an ice bath. This sucks at first to sit in, but this will really help to release all of the lactic acid build up and will help yo to recover tremendously.

Hope this helps

-Coach Willis
It's like going into the gym then you sudden stop. Your body will feel the pain. Try going into the gym again or just a few warm up and stretching. This will lessen the pain.
Familiar casual sports as more seasoned , aches are sometimes downright painful reward. They are usually installed between two and three days after heavy exertion , and can last for ten days. These pains match hairline cracks of muscle fibers, auquelles the body responds by triggering a mild inflammatory reaction. Dr. Steven Stovitz University of Minnesota told our colleagues in the US HuffPost one type of movement in particular could lead to aches.
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