workout schedule question. Do I need extra cardio?

I hope this is the right place to ask my question, I'm new to the forum. Please bear with me being a noob.
I have a little problem with figuring out a training schedule while keeping muscle recovery in mind.

A few months ago I restarted Karate (Shotokan) after a long pause and since then my training schedule is out of whack.
I go to Karate twice a week for 1-2 hours.
before that i did work out 3 days a week in the gym: 2 x full body and 1x cardio (stationary cycling mostly), then switch the next week 1x full body and 2x cardio. It's what the trainer at the gym advised.

My goals are mostly a certain level of stamina (so i can get through a fight/training without dying), fast explosive movements and power.
I'm normal weight according to BMI and female.

the problem is, the day after i had Karate, I'm sore all over the body. Shoulders, arms, core, butt, legs... Muscles that I didn't eve know I had are sore.
Working out is the last thing I want to do at that point. even just going down a couple of stairs or standing and breathing is hurting.
When I do weight training the day before Karate training it is difficult too, but it's more doable than the other way around. (though I suppose not ideal 'cause the body should recover after training, right?).

my question is: can i ditch the cardio and just do 2x full body + 2x karate a week? that would mean having 2 instead of 3 gym days, which gives me another day to recover.
Is is harmful to only do weight training and martial arts?
I do some cardio after weight training (15-30 mins) but getting motivated for a full cardio session is really hard for me, especially when I'm still kinda sore.
I also read that you should train muscle groups at least twice a week if you want them to grow stronger. So doing weight training just once a week perhaps wasn't the smartest way to go to begin with?
Hi Mathilda, listen your body and talk about your goals with an expert in the sector in your gym , which follow you. It's not so easy to programme a training with different activities (karate- weight training). I trained for many years with weights and kick boxing and i know what you say,
The key,for my point of view, is to be followed from competent pro, because each person is different and needs of different advises.
thanks for your answer.
Yes i will talk with a trainer about my schedule problems, but i thought it would be good to get as much info as possible because the trainers in my gym mostly don't do martial arts while my trainer for Karate only does martial arts.
My karate trainer's answer was to just focus on one (of course karate )and ditch the other, but i want to do both.