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    Come on now. What does a Medium sized Woman look like?

    I wear a size 6-8 (USA) pants - depending on who makes them. Yet, when I go to buy spandex running shorts I am a "large."

    If I am a large I seriously have to wonder what larger women are wearing. Is a size 10 a super-extra-extra-large? What gives?

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    I am a size 6 and wear a medium in almost everything, so you must be on the edge. I know what you mean though, I am smaller than most of my friends and most people would think of a medium as average. I would expect an 8-10 to be a solid medium. Last year I wore an 8-10 and find myself needing larges too. I wouldn't have thought that though, found it out trying to buy clothes. How tall are you and what do you weigh? I am betting we are close in size. We wonder why woman have body image issues?!

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    I know exactly what you guys are talking about! I am also a size 6 in pants(sometimes 8 depending on the brand) and shirts I generally buy medium (but can also fit some smalls) but sometimes I have to buy a large depending on the item as well!! and I definately wouldn't consider mylsef "large". And whenever I buy dresses from Ann Taylor I fit the size 4. Crazy huh? I guess that's why we shouldn't pay huge attention to numbers..... I am 5'7 and weigh 135.

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    They don't make clothes for real women. I wear a small in most tops. I'm usually swimming in a medium. But in pants I can wear anywhere from a 6 to a 10 depending on the brand. I have big hips, thighs and butt. It's called an hour glass damnit and women are supposed to have it. I know lots of girls that have the same problem. I especially have issues buying breeches for riding (much like your running shorts problem). I agree that's it's ridiculous that healthy sizes can be considered a large now and days.


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    I once read an article that explained a lot to me. We all have noticed that we can wear different sizes depending on brand or cut. Well, the official reason for that is that there is actually no sizing template for women's clothes. Basically, the companies really do just make up sizes. In fact, some companies will take what would normally be considered a size 8 (sometimes even 10), and label them a 6 - for marketing purposes.

    Studies showed that women, when given the choice to buy a 6 (that may be more expensive and/or not as flattering a cut) or a size 8-10 that may be cheaper and more flattering of a cut, they tend to buy the smaller size anyway. (I am so guilty of that).

    They really should have a universal sizing template so we could at least know and accept the size we are (or do something about it). It is very upsetting to wear a size, and think that you are that size, only to find out that you can't wear anything else in that size, you know?

    Oh, and I totally agree w/ Calcium that they don't make clothes for women's bodies. Why is it so hard to find a pair of jeans that fit over hips/thighs w/out making a big pooch over my butt. Hello, women tend to have waists that are smaller than their hips! Why in the world do they make jeans with almost the same sized waists as the hips so it creates a big pooch.
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    It's so hard to tell these days with vanity sizing and all! I just found this website that shows women by ht, wt, pant size and shirt size. While I'm not sure everyone is honest it is interesting to see how different the sizes are: www(dot)mybodygallery(dot)com

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    Every company has their own sizing routine. Lane Bryant's size 10 is larger than something from JC Penny size 10, and Size 10 from Victoria's secret is even smaller.

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    I hear you on that.
    I'm currently in a size 7-8 (depending).

    I have a pair of ****ies (pants), which are a size '11' and though I can get them up they're still super tight.

    I think it's the company's way to insult us

    Most things I wear a medium in though.

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    Clothes manufacturers would only produce items that sell, the fact they call a size 8 a large must mean that they don't have demand for sizes much bigger than that which makes a lot of sense

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