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    Gain muscle without loosing weight

    Hi guys, how are you? Hope you're having a fantastic monday so far.
    My name is Mili, I'm a 21 years old girl. I'm 5' tall (about 1.58 meters) and I weight around 105 pounds (48 kilograms).
    I've always been into sports myself, especially football (soccer) so I've always had sort of an athletic body. The problem is, I had a knee injury which prevented me from playing any kind of sport/ exercising for about a year or so. Now I'm fully recovered, so I wanna get back in shape. My main worry is I don't wanna lose weight. I for sure wanna gain muscle, as much as I can, but not lose any more weight.
    Now I know my upper torso won't be that much of a problem. Lucky for me I've always had these kinda bulky arms and back -not that I'm a body builder, haha- but you can definitely tell I've got some muscle.

    What I've trouble with though, is my legs, they always remain skinny no matter what. My upper body gets fit really easily once I start working out but my legs remain ubber skinny.

    Can you guys give me an advice, on how to get muscular without necessarily losing weight? Exercise/ food- related.
    Needless to say I know nothing about nutrition and such, I've a varied diet, been that way since little , and I've always been very active but I know nothing when it comes to building strength.

    Well, I think that's it, thank you very much for taking the time to read this everybody. I appreciate it much.
    Any suggestion is more than welcome!

    Take care

    Hi Milonelo,

    take a look here:
    don't want to lose weight just gain muscle

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    if you don't want to lose weight, that's easy ... if you start doing a lot of cardio and you start to lose weight, eat more (healthy, of course).

    As for bulking up your legs, you can do a lot of your leg work without any gym equipment ... do some squats and lunges every day and do biking for cardio ...

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    1. Eat.
    2. Eat.
    3. Eat.
    4. Train like a mofo.
    5. Eat some more.

    I would start measuring everything you consume...without going crazy at the same time. Just measure everything for a week for information's sake, trying not to change your eating habits during the week on account of measuring. You're trying to measure your macro-nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates and alcohol) and total calorie consumption. They'll probably be different from day to day, but you want to figure out what you're averaging. You can use sites such as calorieking to punch in the servings of everything and get relevant nutritional information, if the details aren't available with the food itself.

    Once you know what you are eating, you'll want to make the following arrangements with your macro-nutrients:

    * Protein: Consume 2g/kg bodyweight/day. So, starting out, you'll want to be eating about 100g protein daily.
    * Fat: Consume 1g/kg bodyweight/day. So, starting out you'll want to be eating about 50g fat per day.

    You can consume more than these numbers, but I wouldn't recommend eating less than either of the above.

    You'll also want to increase the total amount of calories you're consuming to 300-500kcal/day MORE than what you're currently consuming. Every gram of protein or carbohydrate provides ~4kcal, every gram of fat is ~9kcal, and every gram of alcohol is ~7kcal (but I strongly recommend against using alcohol to make up your calories, for a multitude of reasons). If you haven't gained 1-2kg after a month (which you'll need to build up your legs), increase your calorie consumption again. If you've gained more than 3kg after a month, back off the calories a little bit.

    For exercise, I'd start with a 2-3/wk program of squats, pushing, hinging and pulling in every session. Something like the following:

    Day 1
    Back Squats 2x10
    Goodmorning 2x10
    Bench Press 2x10
    Row 2x10

    Day 2
    Front Squats 5x3 (use the same weight as back squats)
    Overhead Press 2x10
    Pull Ups or Lat Pull Down 2x10
    Hyperextensions 2x10

    Do some warm up sets for each exercise, then do the above listed working sets with a 1-2min rest between work sets. Just alternate between day 1 and day 2 every time you go to the gym, and add weight to the work sets whenever you can get all your target reps. Including warm up sets, it should only take you about 10min to get through each exercise (except for front squats, due to the higher number of sets...allow for about 15min total). Focus on form first and foremost, but once you've got your form consistent, push yourself hard in the gym.

    Never lift on an empty stomach, although you don't necessarily have to stuff yourself beforehand, either -- figure out what works, but it'll probably be a satisfying meal an hour or two before training, and maybe a quick hit of carbs/protein just before training (I often guzzle down some milk right before getting in the car to go to the gym, and have even drank milk between sets in the gym, but other people throw up when they mix milk with training).

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    Eat and eat alot, eat reasonably but dont watch what you eat if you dont get enough calories down you wont grow. Stay away from cardio.

    protein you want 1 gram per pound of bodyweight

    Lift heavy weights and lift infrequent 3 times a week is more than enough... exercises that involves triggering the up to 80% of all muscles in your body in 1 lift will make you big and strong... not 6 different isolation exercises that works 3% at a time,.

    Check out link for routine.. and as it says no need to add direct arm work because your arms are gonna grow by doing heavy squats and deadlifts froom all the growth hormone being released

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    The most effective way to lose weight is through aerobic workouts and cardiovascular training. Weightlifting is the primary method to gain muscle mass. If you don't want to gain fat, but still want to still bulk up, there are a few workout and dietary measures you must take.

    Just try to follow all of my advice, you can easily gain muscle mass without losing weight.

    • Limit the amount of cardio training you engage in. Aerobic exercise such as running, jogging and high-energy aerobic classes will only serve to take off pounds you don't want to lose. Refrain from engaging in any high-energy sports such as basketball, hockey and tennis as well.

    • Eat a diet high in calories, carbohydrates and protein, with a little added fat from sources like fish oil, nuts and olive oil. One pound of body weight equals 3,500 calories, so you have to increase your caloric intake by that much to gain weight. Add 500 calories per day to your diet to gain a pound per week.

    • Vary the types of weight training that you do. I recommend lifting three days a week, with one day devoted to a different part of the body. Spend one day a week on your chest and arms, for example, and another day on legs and abs. The third might be devoted to arms and shoulders.

    • Add weight when you are able to perform three repetitions of 10 moves easily without reaching your quitting point. Maintain good form when you move up the weights to avoid injuries.

    • Rest at least 90 to 120 seconds between repetitions, and use the time to stretch and flex the muscles you just worked. Rest muscles completely at least one day between workouts. Rest is as important to gaining mass as lifting weights. Muscles need time to recover and build in order to grow, and will not respond if pushed to their limit every day.

    • Drink a supplement that contains whey protein after your workout to aid in retaining the muscle strength you've built. Whey protein comes from milk and contains amino acids that become depleted when you workout. This will help you get extra calories while providing you with muscle-building protein at the same time.

    Keep in mind that you will eventually add on some fat that you may not want to keep in order to maintain a lean, bulked up appearance. When that happens, add 30 minutes of aerobics on the days when you are not weight training to get rid of the fat.

    By that time, you should have a few extra pounds that you can afford to lose. Return to your non-aerobic routine after you lose the extra fat.

    Hi Milonelo,

    take a look here:
    don't want to lose weight just gain muscle

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