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    Good to excercise morning and night?

    I want to up my fitness because i want to loose weight, at the moment im going to the gym every morning before breakfast and doing cardio & weights, would it be beneficial for my weight loss progress to go for another walk or run in the evening? or would this be overdoing it a bit?


    Hi amanda_b,

    take a look here:
    is working out 2 hours a day bad

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    The best thing you can do in a situation like yours is continue on with the fasted cardio 5-7 days per week and se up a nice 4 day weight training spilt for the evenings. You'll want to make sure your diet is in check to maintain most of the lean muscle you have so that when you lose the fat, you won't look drawn out.

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    I would eat before working out. Doing fasted cardio is up in the air. Some people love it and swear by it. Others feel totally different. I am of the school that asks you to eat before working out.

    Either way, almost everyone agrees that you should eat before lifting weights.

    Doing cardio every morning is not good. Well do you mean 7 days per week? If so, not good. LV gave you another option... 5-6 days of cardio at varying intensity levels/lengths and 4 days of a strength training split routine.

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    I'm not a fan of fasted training. I don't fight with people on fasted cardio, but you should NEVER weight train when fasted. Its the surefire way to run in circles and make no progress, or worse, burn off muscle for energy which ends up slowing your fat loss.

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    i did that, before i sprained my in the am and then walk or bike at night.

    those were the good ole days.............

    Hi amanda_b,

    take a look here:
    is working out 2 hours a day bad

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