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    Question Hiit safe for older newbies?

    Recently read about High Intensity Interval Training. I have only been actively exercising for the last 3 months or so. I am a 57 y.o. woman, no health issues that I know of, and no health insurance for Dr. exams and lab work. Exercise and nutrition plan IS my health insurance plan.

    So, my question is, is HIIT considered safe for older people? I am no stranger to hard exertion since I garden every summer, digging up huge beds, hauling 40 lb. bags of compost, and moving established trees and bushes--no easy feat. But I am a little scared of HIIT. I regularly work up a sweat with the aerobics dvd's I use--my Heart Rate goes up to about 160 for a minute or two with those. And I usually start out my walks with about 1 minute or so of a hard run (up to 172 BPM) to burn up glycogen a bit faster, then walk at 128 BPM for 30-40 minutes. I exercise 6 days a week now, alternating walking/cardio with resistance. If I try HIIT do I do it before my 30 minute walk or on strength days? I tried the Afterburn Energy System routine one day last week (from Allwen? somebody), but now not so sure. Advice anyone?

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    take a look here:
    hiit vs jogging

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    Steady state cardio (aerobic) is a far cry from high intensity (anaerobic), and gardening is a cake walk compared to HIIT.

    Do not do HIIT on days where you are strength or resistance training. That's a double anaerobic blast to your body and your CNS won't appreciate being abused like that (especially if you are doing HIIT properly -- the fact is, most people don't do HIIT or Tabata Protocol properly).

    You should be absolutely exhausted after 15 minutes of HIIT or you aren't doing it properly. I wouldn't do HIIT more than 2 times a week and I used to be a sprinter.

    So my advice to you is read the sticky, find more information, and see whether or not your doctor says it's OK to pursue.

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    To answer your question, HIITT is safe for older newbies (I am 49) if you are medically healthy and the only way to answer that question is to pose it to a medical professional.

    As ILM said, you cannot compare the effort from gardening to HIIT.

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    unless you have gotten a complete physical done i wouldn't suggest it. HIIT raises your heart rate to its max or very close to it...aerobic is usually in the mid range.

    Its possible that you have a silent that hasn't reared its ugly head yet and HIIT could put you over the edge.

    I would vote "no its not safe". Go get a physical...not getting one this day in age is suicide.

    Hi Stillkickin,

    take a look here:
    hiit vs jogging

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