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    How come I lose and gain weight so fast?

    Hi, so I've just been wondering about this. The other day I ate a lot of junk food and at the end of the day I weighed myself at 103.5. This was four days ago.
    I didn't eat a whole lot during the couple of days following, weighed myself yesterday morning and my weight came up as 99.1. The scale is fairly new and it's supposedly 99% accurate, so I don't think it's off or anything.

    But another thing is, if I eat a lot of food then it will show (my stomach will descend) plus my weight can go up about one to three pounds in one day, without even eating a really large amount of food, just a moderate amount.
    I also get full really quickly (yesterday I ate three small slices of turkey and I felt stuffed- wtf?

    I'm 15 and five foot tall if that helps anything.

    can someone tell me what's wrong with me? x.o

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    Body weight fluctuates with hydration, amount of food in the intestinal tract and many other factors: fluctuation is normal.

    When you eat carbs, you generally retain more water....the opposite when you go lean on carbs.

    The scale only measures can't see your muscle, hydration, bone-density, etc, etc. I really doubt your actual body fat is fluctuating that much.

    And is what it is.

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