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    Losing Hip/Thigh Inches

    I have devised a plan for the next 6 months and I was hoping someone may be able to tell me if I am headed in the right direction?

    I have a lot of weight to lose. I lost 130lbs 2 years ago and quickly regained it due to stress/and the fact I thought I was cured LOL.

    My approach is different now and my knowledge is great. What I would like to know is if I am setting myself up for failure.

    I plan on beginning Week 1 with 27min. of cardio per day for 5 days. On the 6th day I double the cardio to 54 min.

    The following weeks ahead I increase my daily cardio by 2 min. for each week.

    Week#2 - 29 min/day + 58min. on day 6
    Week#3 - 31 min/day + 62min. on day 6 etc.

    I plan on doing crunches and other various floor exercises everyday - every other day depending on how I feel. Ex. I do 100 crunches/day for 3 then rest for 1 if my stomach muscles begin to feel fatigued.

    For the 5 days I plan on exchanging each day by focusing m,w & f on Lower body training and t&th. on upper.

    Why so rigorous you ask?
    My body is ready, my mind is set and I am so determined now. I also would like to enable my body to pick up on certain signals and respond on its own.
    ie. Ex. I do 100 crunches/day for 3 then rest for 1 if my stomach muscles begin to feel fatigued....

    My daily diet is:
    6 grains
    4 protein
    3 fruit
    4-6 veggies
    3 healthy oils

    Supplements include; kelp, applecider vin., multi-vitamin, omega3-6-9 and possibly a thermogenic called REV.

    I have a goal to lose 10 inches from my hips in 86 days and I don't know if it is realistic or not based on this plan.

    My body fat is somewhere by 42%.

    I would really appreciate some feedback on this.
    I have been struggling with my weight since I was 9. I am going to be 27 this year and I would like to feel comfortable in my own skin like I did 2 years ago.


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    well, Your mental attitude is great, I think you may be a little overzealous though, try this instead.

    Begin trying 30 minutes of cardio. Don't try to kill yourself early, thats one thing that alot of people do that cause them to quit. If you can do 30 minutes with little trouble, try upping the intensity at first, don't up the time though. Every 2 weeks, add 5 minutes to your cardio total until you reach 60 minutes. Don't go any longer than 60. Cortisol may be released and you'll start burning muscle tissue. 5 days a week is plenty for regular cardio. As you lose a good bit of weight initially, look into doing some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

    As far as your strength training goes, I think your overdoing it a little bit. Everyone here will tell you that your body does not change in the gym, it changes while resting. Try working upper body monday and thursday, lower tuesday and friday, resting wednesday. Your body needs time to recover. Cardio on wednesday is ok though.

    Your gonna kill your abs too! I don't do 100 crunches a week! I do 3 sets of 15 and 3 sets of 15 leg raises in my back/biceps workout. The way you set your training up is borderline overtraining. Bad things live there.

    All that exercise isn't gonna do you any good unless you have a solid diet. If your diet is sound, you will lose weight.

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    I agree w/ Aevans.
    Your body needs rest to build muscle and whatnot, and by over-training you won't get the results you want. Doing crunches everyday is counter-productive.
    I also think you don't need to do as much cardio. The 5 days a week is fine - no need to double it on the 6th day. I don't think you should plan ahead and say that every week I'll add 2 minutes - 1/2 hour is fine, and once you feel good, you can increase it. But don't do it on a schedule.
    86 days is about 3 months.... I don't know how fast you'll be able to lose the inches. You'll have to be consistent and be aware of everything that you put in your mouth.
    good luck!

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    Bonny (I may call you this, yes? ), it's wonderful you're so ready to loose weight!

    But I agree with Aevans and Spockafina. I'm just starting to get in the right mindset about loosing weight, I've started doing walks, Tae Bo, and Weight Training for toning (muscle, though heavier than fat, is thiner, and also eats the fat).

    I cannot do a full 30 minutes of Tae Bo...I just can't, even though it's for beginners, I would kill myself if I ended up doing that much, so soon.

    Start slow, get your body accustomed to this new life style, or it will revolt against you.

    For my cardio (which I try to do every other day, weight training in inbetween days,and rest on saturdays and sundays). I do about 30 minutes ...about 10 for a walk, a nice warm up. Then I'll do either about 10 minutes of Tae Bo (thank goodness for the videos!), and then another 10 or so of warming down. If I don't warm down (or warm up) my body will kind of go into a kind of shock and I'll start shaking like a leaf in a strong gale and thunderstorm.

    Take it'll be better for you. Work up to the long exercise routines, or you'll loose the zeal that you have now. It's happened to me...I've tried to push myself WAY over my limit, and the next day I was in either so much pain that I wanted to die, and/or that I found out it isn't all that much fun doing so much at one time. It's really disheartening.

    Good luck, though! I hope you reach your goal
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    Thumbs up Thank-you!

    I am very pleased with how friendly everyone is here!

    I appreciate your time in getting back to me so quickly. I do believe I am a bit overzealous, but that is how I acheive best! If it is not whole-hearted then I give up very easy.

    I think that 10 inches will be a struggle and I am hoping that genetically I will be assisted since I have a lot of weight to lose. Lets just say over a year ago I gained 100lbs in 4 months. I know that if I stay within my reach I will be okay.

    All of your words of wisdom are very true! Exactly what I was trying to get across... If my body does not feel exhausted from 100 crunches on tuesday then why not repeat it again the next day? so long as i do get a day or 2 in there for my abs to rest.
    Fortunately my abs remember how lean they once were...core training is very easy for me. My waist to hip ratio is 0.73 which I think is extremely good considering I am greatly overweight.

    If anyone else has any extra tidbits or information that may help me out I am welcome to it!

    Thanks again!


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    The reason your body doesn't feel exhausted after 100 crunches is because it wont. People do this all the time. They train day after day after day, feeling good, then all of a sudden, they start having bouts of sweating, nausea, uncontrollable muscle twitching, flulike symptoms and dizziness. Overtraining is sneaky. Exercise isn't a "more is better" activity. Tax yourself in the gym, then rest. Your body doesn't change in the gym, it changes when its resting. If your body can't rest, it can't change. Spock, Gram, Bear, myself, DM, (apologies to anyone I missed) we all will tell you the same thing over and over and over. Moderation is best, and rest is necessary.

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    Thumbs up

    Your input is really appreciated. Good stuff to know!

    I will cut my ab regime in half


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    Heres my workout regimine (I just recently changed it, but heres what I used to do, Ive lost almost 30 lbs doing it)

    Monday - weight training (high intensity, chest shoulders, triceps), cardio for 45 minutes
    Tuesday - Weight training (high intensity, back, biceps, abs) cardio for 45 minutes
    wednesday - cardio only
    thursday - off
    friday - repeat monday
    saturday - repeat tuesday
    sunday - off

    Recently I changed 3 of my cardio days to high intensity interval training (HIIT). After a 5 minute warmup, I speed walk for 30 seconds, then jog for 30 seconds. Repeat 10 times, then have a 5 minute cooldown session.

    maybe this will help you determine what kind of workload is needed to lose. See its not that much, and I feel great after 2 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by aevans410
    Overtraining is sneaky. Exercise isn't a "more is better" activity. Tax yourself in the gym, then rest. Your body doesn't change in the gym, it changes when its resting. If your body can't rest, it can't change. Moderation is best, and rest is necessary.
    Ditto! Please take his advice or your efforts will be in vain.

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    aevans, I am laughing out loud here. Your regime is EXACTLY what I have planned now lol!

    After taking what I had planned and taking into consideration everyone's thoughts here....this is what I came up with.

    Monday - 20 min. walk (light-mod) after dinner

    Tuesday - Gym - Slow Cardio and Upper Strength Training

    Wednesday - Same as Tuesday with Lower Strength Training

    Thursday - Gym - HIIT - no strength training

    Friday - Same as Tuesday

    Saturday - Same as Wednesday

    Sunday - Rest

    I chose this schedule because I work nights and on sunday night I do a 10 hour shift. I thought then night I use the most energy is best to avoid too much strenuous exercise.
    I have also planned to walk as much as possible as well each day just to get outside. Also because working nights I am at a desk all night and during the day I usually eat then go to sleep immediately. I try not to, but sometimes I am so wiped out.

    Like the way you think there

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    hehe it is very similar. If I didn't bowl on thursday nights, Id probably throw more cardio in

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    you definitely are on the right tract. In my opinion one of the best excersises is squats. It can definitely help. For more excersise and daily thigh reduction tips feel free to go to my site in my signature below.

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    Your routine looks sounds and for weight loss. Like everyone else has said just watch of for overexhausting yourself in the beginning.

    Good luck on losing your weight again. You're on the right track and you have the right frame of mind.

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