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    My Wrestling Diet

    Ok, I'm a High School wrestler, and I started my diet to lose weight about a few weeks ago. I was around 146-148 pounds over the summer, and decided I was going to start my diet now, so I could get a good start on hitting 130 pounds, or maybe even 125 pounds. My diet is simple, and I just weighed 137 pounds yesterday. I have a Special K breakfast bar for breakfast with a VitaminWater. Then for lunch I simply have an applesauce. I then go to the weightroom after school. When I get home I have a Jello-O and another VitaminWater with my creatine. Then a eat a normal dinner. And In just a few weeks I've dropped around 10 pounds, and I don't feel hungry, weak, nor do I feel malnutritioned. It's great =D

    Hi Sneaux125,

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    You are totally not eating enough. I'm a wrestler too and once the wrestling season starts you are gonna totally have to eat more calories simply because you need the energy that those calories provide. Also, you want to have your biggest meal in the morning so that you're less hungry at night.

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    you definately are not fufilling your nutritional needs. Focus on very nutrient dense low calorie foods, and low calorie protein sources. I wrestled in highschool and know a lot of wrestlers, in the long run depriving yourself of nutrients and protein will hurt you.

    Hi Sneaux125,

    take a look here:
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