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    Need advice - how do i begin to workout when I'm so out of shape

    Hello! I am a 31 year old female. 5'4" and roughly 175 lbs. I need to lose weight I'm tired all the time and after having blood work done nothings abnormal, my doctor said I just need to work out.

    This is my biggest problem. I'm so out of shape it's hard to work out because I feel like I'm not acomplishing anything. The simplest thing i get out of breath and feel like ok I have to stop. But if I continue to always say this, it'll never work because I know I can't quit everytime it happens. But how do I continue and be healthy about it and not risk hurting myself?

    I guess I would like to know if anyone can suggest a plan I can do to workout with like cardio or weights and how long. I'm going to do a month membership at the gym on monday. I need to lose weight and tone but I believe I've read I need to focus on weight before toning.

    Any assistance/advice would be great and thanks in advance!

    Hi Kim3700,

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    Hi Kim,

    Maybe I'm not the greatest person to take advice from because I've been up and down myself but I've never been TOO overweight. Just chubby.

    Right now I'm trying to get back into things and stick to it. The thing you need is PATIENCE, PATIENCE, AND MORE PATIENCE

    I always gave up before because results did not come fast enough.

    I made another post by yours with my current progress and I keep a log of what I eat (or what I remember of it hehe).

    One thing I read that helped me was this:

    3800 calories = 1 lb

    That's the basic rule. So I am committed to taking in 500 calories less a day plus a little exercise and that should equal a pound a week.

    I've set a goal for 2 months = 8 lbs and I'll be about 167-168 God willing.

    Because in the past I'd so sudden crazy workouts and then give in, I never had enough time to really see progress. This time, I'll be weighing myself using the Warehouse scales at work which have to be accurate.

    My advice:

    - Set a calorie goal per day
    - Keep mental track of what you're eating. Try to keep a consistent breakfast,lunch,dinner schedule with tasty fruit inbetween (eating pears and plums really helps me stay on track without looking for a side snack).
    - Log your efforts and how much you should have lost after a week and see if that is what you're seeing on a REAL scale. I've bought plenty of scales from stores that are just junk. Try to find a manual scale or something you know is consistently accurate.
    -Drink plenty of water.
    -You don't need to RUN if you're not ready. WALK 30-45 minutes a day to start and that's a couple hundred calories to help you out as well. If you're a little more overweight, you'll notice the first few pounds drop quicker God willing.

    - Trust GOD

    Hi Kim3700,

    take a look here:
    how old do you have to be to drink slim fast

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