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    one side of face has more fat??

    For all my years I have always had a droopy pounch on the right side of my face and it tends to give me a goofy smile and it does impede my speech. I'm in pretty good shape with average bodyfat, but I would love to lose this annoyance ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    When I fast for two days I see that side of my face toning up, but it doesn't take much at all for that pounch to come back. It's not terribly noticeable like a nerve or having a stroke or anything, but it is visible and does get in my way. It just feels funny when the left side is toned and the right side is not. Should I do more cardio and facial exercises? Do facial exercises actually work? I really need some help on this.

    Hi wangho75,

    take a look here:
    more fat on one side of face

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    the face

    i wanted to ask you about having more fat on one side of your face than the other. i have the same problem. for many years i couldnt understand how this happend. ive been to see doctors theyve said it is not a big deal, whatever that means. i do weight about 200 lbs and 5-7 height, but i know people heavier than i am i they dont have this problem. sometimes i feel like im the only one with this problem it has lowered my self esteem really low. ive just recently went thru a divorce about a year ago, and i feel discouraged to meet anyone because of this thing with my face. what do you advise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wangho75 View Post
    Do facial exercises actually work? I really need some help on this.
    you cannot spot reduce fat. Fat is a layer all over the body, all you can do is eat well and exercise sensibly and you will reduce the amount of fat all over your body leading to a better body all round.

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    same problem

    Hey there. I have been plagued by the same problem. It has been quite some time since the original post. I was hoping you, Wangho, have found a solution to the problem, or if anyone else in the community can revisit the issue and provide some much needed input. Thank you

    Hi wangho75,

    take a look here:
    more fat on one side of face

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