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    The Placebo effect and you 101

    The placebo effect is the measurable, observable, or felt improvement in health not attributable to treatment. This effect is believed by many people to be due to the placebo itself in some mysterious way. A placebo (Latin for "I shall please") is a medication or treatment believed by the administrator of the treatment to be inert or innocuous. Placebos may be sugar pills or starch pills. Even "fake" surgery and "fake" psychotherapy are considered placebos.

    Researchers and medical doctors sometimes give placebos to patients. Anecdotal evidence for the placebo effect is garnered in this way. Those who believe there is scientific evidence for the placebo effect point to clinical studies, many of which use a control group treated with a placebo. Why an inert substance, or a fake surgery or therapy, would be effective is not known.

    The reason i share this all with you is because i think a lot of what people do is becuase its what they blieve to be true. Back in the day a long long time ago kings would rely on fortune tellers do predict the future. This is not becuase people can Really tell the future. It is becuase the kings thought it was going to happen and made it happen. What you want and blieve is what you will get. I cannot stress enough to you how silly taking pills and vitamins and protien bars and protien shakes is. All that belongs in the weight training forum. This is loseing weight. Eat well and you will not need to take protiens and vitamins. That stuff is for people who dont eat well. And guess what it wont last. Because they think its the protien bars thats doing the trick. And when they stop everythign goes down hill. Dont become dependent on anything other than good ol natural food and working out hard. In the end you will be sooooooooooo happy with yourself. And it will last becuase you will have changed the root problem. Your thinking and your eating + hopepfully working out.

    Hi KingBee,

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    the supplement industry preys on the placebo effect

    Hi KingBee,

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