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    spinning bike vs. ecercise bike

    I want to buy an exercise bike to help lose weight. Are spinning bikes any better than regular exercise bikes? There is conflicting info depending on the web whether the site sells one type or another. Info from people that have tried spinning and other exercise bikes appreciated. Thanks

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    I really want an exercise bike I can't run 'cause of my knee, and I am desperately craving some decent cardio. What's the difference between a spin bike and an exercise bike?

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    One difference between the two is a spinning bike has a weighted flywheel for a front wheel that is supose to make the ride more like an outside bike. There are other difference but I don't know what they are. I also don't know how the two differ in excercise benefits.

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    Personally, I would go for a spin bike. After being a cyclist for a couple of years, I loved getting on those bikes 10 times more than the other conventional "bike" machines. Better yet, go and try one out and see for yourself which one you like. I feel that spin bikes can get you a better workout though.

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    The maim difference is the flywheel and the fact the flywheel doesn't have a free wheel the other more subtle differences are the number of adjustments and the riding position. In an exercise bike you are positioned for comfort and not performance or not in a way that you can replicate the set up of your road bike. Most spinning bikes to an adequate job of feeling like the road. there are a few new bikes on the fitness market that try to resemble a real ride feel, but the only one I have found that is truly different and makes you feel like your on the road is called the realryder.

    I think you first have to decide how hard you want to work. if you just want to elevate your heart rate to 70% of max any exercise bike will work, but if you want to work around the 85-95% range you better get a spin bike.

    choose a bike based on what you want not on what someone try's to sell you. if you want to work hard get a spin bike, but if you want low intencity exercise any exercise bike will work.

    Sean Vert

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    I know this is off topic kind of but i have had an exercise bike for years and i basically only use it for warm up and cool down cuz its sooooo boring. I hardly ever ride it for cardio. On the other hand i bought a bike (10 speed road bike) last summer and i found myself riding it 4-5 times a week on average. Its much more enjoyable and instead of dreading cardio on my exercise bike i find i have to force myself to not ride the real bike every day.

    Just a thought.

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