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    Question Strained/sprained ankle - cardio help,please?

    I need some help. i exercise REGULARLY. My current schedule is as follows :

    Sund/Mon/Tues/Wed - elliptical 45-60 minutes changing programs, intervals, incorporating HIIT, etc.

    Thurs/Saturday - advanced pilates (weights & machines)

    Mon/Wed - upper body superset strength training.

    My problem: I sprained my ankle this weekend (re-aggravated an old injury & i have very week ankles) being a clutz and am tryign to figure out if i can do any cardio at all? If i can, what should it be?? Do I have to wait for my ankle to heal for best effects and if so, what will happen to my weight loss journey??

    Pls -any suggestions or ideas are really welcome!!! Thank you!

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    Have you seen a doctor?

    Definitely keep doing the upper body workouts. Don't overdo the upper body though (pay attention to getting enough recovery least 48 hours for each bodypart) because you want to keep working out.

    If you can ride a bike or something without the ankle hurting I think it's okay to do. I would definitely avoid impact exercises (running, etc) for awhile. Anything else like the elliptical will just have to be done according to how you feel. If something hurts, don't do it. Don't push through the pain because that ankle will just take LONGER to heal and you'll be kicking yourself when you are still hurting 6 months from now I'm not a doctor, by the way, but I've had lots of sprained ankled in my life. I usually push through the pain and it hurts WAY longer than it should. That's not smart.


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    Do you have access to a pool?

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    Unfortunately, I don't have a pool accessible. It isn't that bad actually. I am being cautious as i want to avoid the long term injury. I generally use the elliptical. I guess I will see how it feels and avoid highly impactive exercises. sound good?

    Hi skyler2,

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