Hello all, I'm pretty new around here and I was just reading around and I thought this would be a pretty good place to ask for help.

Anyways I really need help for a strict workout plan and healthy diet. First of all I'm 17, about 5'8 and around 190-200lbs. I plan on getting a response before this day ends, so Monday morning I can go to the store and buy all the right things for me, such as food, Supplements and Vitamins, and exercise stuff. I already have at my house treadmill and lifting stuff.

Basicly what I need is help from you in these sections:
+Full Day Workout Plan (Keep in mind I attend class from 8AM-3PM, mostly)
+Full Diet Meal Plan(I'm going to try to not eat the school food, because its all burgers, fries, and bad stuff, and I drink alot of soda, which I know that is not good, so I'm going to start drinking water.)
+Supplements and Vitamins (What would be ideal for me)
+And some exercise equiment you think I should have, to keep in training. (Money isn't an issure)

Thanks for the help guys,